Source code for pyramid_skosprovider.utils

# -*- coding: utf8 -*-
This module contains a few utility functions.

import re

from pyramid_skosprovider.renderers import (

import logging
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class QueryBuilder:

    def __init__(self, request, postprocess=False):
        self.request = request
        self.postprocess = postprocess
        self.no_result = False
        self.mode = self.request.params.get('mode', 'default')
        self.language = self.request.params.get(
        self.label = self.request.params.get('label', None)

    def _build_type(self, query):
        type = self.request.params.get('type', None)
        if type in ['concept', 'collection']:
            query['type'] = type
        return query

    def _build_label(self, query):
        if self.label not in [None, '*', '']:
            if self.mode == 'dijitFilteringSelect' and '*' in self.label:
                self.postprocess = True
                query['label'] = self.label.replace('*', '')
                query['label'] = self.label
        return query

    def _build_collection(self, query):
        coll = self.request.params.get('collection', None)
        if coll is not None:
            query['collection'] = {'id': coll, 'depth': 'all'}
        return query

    def __call__(self):
        if self.mode == 'dijitFilteringSelect' and self.label == '':
            self.no_result = True
        q = {}
        q = self._build_type(q)
        q = self._build_label(q)
        q = self._build_collection(q)
        return q

[docs]def parse_range_header(range): ''' Parse a range header as used by the dojo Json Rest store. :param str range: The content of the range header to be parsed. eg. `items=0-9` :returns: A dict with keys start, finish and number or `False` if the range is invalid. ''' match = re.match('^items=([0-9]+)-([0-9]+)$', range) if match: start = int( finish = int( if finish < start: finish = start return { 'start': start, 'finish': finish, 'number': finish - start + 1 } else: return False